Stella's Ladybug Girl dance Party


Huge thank you to Mickelle Weber for giving Stella her first Ladybug Girl book for Christmas. It has been her favorite book ever since. We now own 10 of them and she has them all memorized. It is fun because she feels like she is reading. Daddy deserves the credit for that one:). Bedtime routine always involves ladybug girl. 

This inspired us to throw her a ladybug girl themed dance birthday party. She had so so much fun as did the rest of us. This was so fun for me to plan because I knew how much she would love it. 

The darling girl in the middle is Miss Emily. She is Stella's Dance teacher at Creation Station. We had her teach the kids a little 45 min dance class with props, fun games and music. (I would highly reccomend it for a party.) The boys had nerd glasses (only Smith is rockin them here) and the girls each wore little tutus. The kids were engaged the whole time with a Popsicle intermission half way through. 

Stella rocked the stank face she learned from SYTYCD.

The dance party was their favorite part. I had to bring back some of the old school games too... PIN THE DOT ON THE LADY-BUG:).

Now for the part that makes me so proud every time I talk about it... THE CAKE. Okay all you Betty Crockers out there.... THAT ISN'T ME. Jared tells me things I bake taste like Salmon. True story!  My sister Amy inspired me after she made this rad cake for her 3 year old and he always talks about it to this day. I wanted to do that for Stella. Look what I came up with:)

I am still really proud of myself. It was edible too. Everyone ate it so I think that is a good sign. I just bought the fondant and it really was super easy just time consuming. Stella really liked it. The next day I asked her what her favorite part of her party was and she said, "crazy legs with Miss Emily and eating cake."

Now I know you are all wondering why Jared and Hendrix are in these shiny blue capes. If you know anything about the books, Bumble Bee Boy is part of the bug squad who helps her "Tromp the bad guys". It was only fitting to dress them up:). Jared has learned after 6 years of marriage not to fight certain things;). He actually had a lot of fun with it. 


Here are some more fun pics from the day.

PicMonkey Collage7.jpg

I don't know about you guys but when I throw a party I usually get really stressed out. Even if it isn't a big party I just get worked up. Jared and I usually always end up in a fight and the party is shot. I am so happy to say that this one went off the right way. I had a lot of fun planning it because It was for the right reason, STELLA, nobody else. We love you Miss Stella Grace and we can't wait to see what year three brings you. XOXO  

One more because it is my fav.

Huge thanks to Sarah Lindsay for being my other two hands and snapping all these pics for me!