Happy B-Day Mr Hendrix

My sweet boy turns ONE today.... It feels like yesterday I took him from the doctors hands and wouldn't let him go. I knew from that moment on that I was able to love once again.                                                                          ( photo credit as well as the great deal they are offering below)


Hendrix has brought me a sense of calmness and peace I didn't have before. He honestly has my heart. This boy is so special and I am so grateful he is mine. It is so fun watching him grow and learn from his big sister. He loves her so much and already looks up to her. He is getting into everything these days, garbage, toilet and anything else that is dangerous or dirty. haha  He loves his momma and gives me the best cuddles. He can say momma and dada but lets be honest, he has no idea what he is saying.

As one of our good friends Ty put it, "HE WAS BORN TO FLY". He loves being thrown around all day long. You can win his heart if you just toss him in the air a few times. The kid has 9 teeth now and still nurses.... yikes huh. He doesn't bite anymore. lol 


He weighs 23 big LB's and has for some time now. He is starting to loose his chubs now that he is so active. :( It makes me want to cry but my back is celebrating.


He loves loves food and when he gets his hands on sugar he looses his baby mind. He gets soooo excited. He will literally eat anything except baby food. "That was so 6 months ago:)."


Unlike Stella, he is atracted to anything dangerous. Fans, light sockets, stairs, razors, tubs full of water and hot curling irons. It is true what they say about boys. Once he starts walking I am IN FOR IT!


The most special thing about this boy his his heart. He has a little heart of gold. I could feel it when I was pregnant with him. He is such a sweet soul and I know it will serve him so well in his life. My heart is conflicted that he is one already. I know I should be happy but I literally need to find a pause button. I know everyone says that but I MEAN IT! My baby is becoming a toddler and I just love the baby stage so much and never want it to end. 

I pray to God every day that I can be the mom he needs. I pray that Hendrix will always know how much my heart loves every part of him. 


As him momma I want to wish him a year full of love, growth, health, laughter and imagination. We love you so much Hendrix J and we are so grateful you chose us as your family! Although sad the first year as flown right by we are so excited for what is to come. Happy Birthday baby brother!

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