Happy Birthday to my main man

Look what the kids made for daddy's b-day present...

We truly are the luckiest to have such an amazing man leading our family. He is my strength and my balance. He keeps me happy, grounded and strengthens me everyday. He is the definition of a great partner. I love him with all my heart. I hope you have the best day babe. 

I asked Stella  a few questions about her daddy....

What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?

S-  " I like going to the park and going to the beach. I also like Penny and Addie. I like cuddling you! "

What is daddy's favorite color?


What does daddy do with his friends?

S- "He likes funny"

Why does daddy have to work for us?

S-  "My daddy pays us money."

Why did daddy give you a gumball yesterday?

S- "Because I like the gumball."

What does daddy say to you every night before bed?

S- "He says stories"

I call you Stella, what does daddy call you?

S- "honey"

What is daddy's favorite treat?

S- "Salmon because it is so good for me."

What are you giving daddy for his birthday?

S- "A hat, that will be fun huh."

What does daddy teach you?

S- How to do a Tondu and Knock Knocks in my tap shoes.

How much do you love daddy?



Hendrix just does the scrunchy nose grin every time he walks in the room. That says everything!

We are the luckiest family around,