Why a great friend is so important in every girls life?

She will inspire you.

She will be there for you when your mans ears literally hurt from listening to you rant about the  same things over and over again.

She will go see that random Nicholas Sparks or random chick flick movie with you opening night. 

She will love you even when you might not love yourself in that moment. 

She will sit and cry with you through the crazy hormones of motherhood.

She will be someone who isn't family that you can vent to about your spouse and you know they will always follow girl code. She will ask, "do we love him or hate him today?" 😘

She will inspire you want to be a better mother, wife and friend.

She will challenge you to explore your beliefs and build on them. 

She will love your kiddos as if they were her own. 

She will be the one to drop off a little pick me up when you need it the most.

She will eat sushi with you until you both want to puke. 

She will ugly dance with you just for the hell of it.  

More than anything she will remind you what it was like to be a teenager again with no cares in the world. She will sing with you to T Swift at the top of her lungs with all windows down. 30 years old or 15, it is all the same😉. 

She will give you permission to just be YOU! 


Crystal, you have been all of these things to me when I have needed them most. You have helped me so much with the transition from being a mother of one to two. Thanks for helping me keep balance in my life.  I really am so blessed to have you as my friend. Thank you for being you! Happy birthday.  

I whipped ya up a little somethin... I just had to add Derek in for ya😍😍😍