What makes you happy?

I have been asking myself this question a lot lately. I love my little family and I love my life. Now with that said, there are little things that detract from my happiness each day. I have chosen to embark on a "Self awareness journey". I am constantly asking myself if what I am doing is soul sucking or enriching my life. All of this started one afternoon when I decided to watch a documentary while the babies were napping called "Tiny". I wasn't told to watch it by anyone I was simply just scrolling through Netflix and it grabbed me. It changed the way I view things.


is what struck me. The documentary is about these people who have moved from their large homes to a "Tiny" house, 500 square feet or less. They talk about how happy it has made them to let go of what the world tells us we need and to ask yourself what it is that you need to be happy. Why aren't we asking ourselves what we need rather than listening to what the world says we need? This is where my journey began....

The next day I went through my entire house and threw out garbage bags full of junk. I tried to simplify the best I could around my house. This got my wheels turning and Jared and I have had many conversations about what we really want for our family. We have decided rather than POSESSIONS we want EXPERIENCES. We aren't sure where our "Happiness journey" will take us but I'm excited to share it with you. We are playing around with a few ideas at the moment. I want to find out what makes people tick. I want to talk to people from all different walks of life and find out what creates happiness for them.

There is another great documentary I loved called "Happy", on Netflix as well.


"HAPPY" helped me see that happiness is different for everyone and it is good to know the little day to day things that  make you happy. I had a lot of fun thinking about this and here are a few simple day to day things that make me happy...

-Spending QUALITY time with my hubby and kiddos. (obviously)

-Laughing. (it cures everything no matter how frustrated I can be, especially while parenting)

-Sister trips. (I loose my voice every time).

-Dance parties with Miss Stella. 

-When my husband kisses my forehead in the morning before going to work.

-Sweating during a hard core workout and at the end laying on my mat in a euphoric state knowing I just pushed myself HARD.

-Yummy food:) (especially healthy food that tastes like it isn't)

-Great friends (this is so important for me in maintaining balance as a wife and mother of two)

-Jamming in the car to my 90's beats, (it's true) B spears, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys...

-Even if I am soooo mad,  Jared still makes me sit on his lap to talk it out. (don't tell him but I love it;)

-My husband playing with my kids when he doesn't know I'm watching.

-Bean Burritos... DUH

-When my babies play and laugh together when I'm in the other room.


-Chick Flicks. (The part when the butterflies hit and the goosebumps come and I'm cuddled up to my man)

-Shoes and bags really do make me smile, I can't help it;).


-Most of all, I love connecting to a higher power and the peace it brings me.

I loved asking myself this question... Ask yourself, what makes you happy? When you are feeling down pick something from your list. Share your list with your partner and help them when they are feeling down.  I would love to hear some of your HAPPY...