Why we bought and RV?!!!

Hey friends,  A few posts ago I talked about my little family finding "OUR HAPPY". 


We bought a motor-home:).  We have literally been looking for over a year now and we finally found the perfect one. 

I have been asked so many times recently, "why a motor-home, aren't those for retired people?"  We just laugh. Since we got married we have talked about getting a motor-home. Now with kids, traveling is so difficult. Traveling is very important to us so we found a way to make it easy. Here is why we wanted a RV for our little fam...

It is pretty simple really. Our world is so hectic these days. We don't have any kids in school and somehow still find ourselves getting caught up in the grind... for what? Our kids are growing up soooooooo fast and there is nothing we can do about it. We want to enjoy every part of it. I find myself just going through the motions and suddenly four months have gone by with little experiences or memories to hold onto.  We want to "MAKE IT COUNT".  We are focusing much more on experiences than possessions in our family. We want our kids to have memories of us being out as a family enjoying one another. Jared only needs the internet to work so that makes it a lot easier for us. (although we have only gone out of town on the weekends anyway). Jared's family had a motor-home while he was growing up.  I hear more stories about the fam trips in the motor-home than any other part of his childhood. For my family it was boating. Those are my cherished memories with my family. With Jared's mom passing away a few months ago, I think this is kind of his way of honoring the memories she gave him. I think giving our kids experiences and  memories to cherish is the best gift of all. I have been blown away how fun it has been to just disconnect from everything  (literally) and having everything we need right there with us. We still have a lot of little kinks to iron out being such newbies but... we are loving it so much. I hope by sharing this, you will find something to create experiences and memories with your families. I would love to hear all about it. I feel so strongly about thinking outside the box. Just because society tells us to act one way with our families doesn't mean it is the right way. Listen to YOUR inspiration for YOUR family. It probably won't be the same as all of your family and neighbors around you;). That is the beauty of it.

We have loved it so far. Jared can do a post about all the knitty gritty details about the RV, as for me... I post about the good times:).

With all of that said, let me share some of our first experiences RV'n it with you....

First, the kids being able to play around while we are driving is REALLY NICE. It went a little differently in my head. I had this picture of both kids being perfect little angels watching T.V. and eating snacks and then sleeping. It was a little more like... Kids jumping on me wanting to wrestle. They were making funny faces to the cars next to us. Food was flying all over the place. haha The only real kink is that Mr. Hendrix is still so little. He was rolling all over the place. Next trip I will have a car-seat in there to strap him down for naps and we will be golden:). Also a dust buster would come in handy too. 

As you can see, They are having such a great time, especially when cousins come along and we have dance parties;). We figured with little ones, this is the way to travel and WE WERE RIGHT! 

Exploring this beautiful state has been so much fun. I can't wait to see more of it. For now here is a peek into what we have seen so far... Pictures range everywhere from Orange County to Monterrey, CA.

It is so cool to think this is just the beginning of what we will see as a family. We are so excited. We have found out that you have to book most RV parks waaaaay in advance. We aren't the best planners, we just fly by the seat of our pants. Not anymore, let the planning begin...

Last but not least... us just hanging out being us... We are foodies and we love exploring new beaches. Yelp has been our best friend. It rarely leads us astray. I secretly want to hit every Drivers Dine in and Dives place around the U.S. Lol  Maybe one day, a girl can dream;).

Here is to changing up the norm... DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Lets all stop waiting for things to change to make us happier. Let's be happy today. Make the changes in your life you need to do so. "MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT". Let's show our kids how amazing life can be. Here is to reconnecting with what really maters. It is time to focus more on relationships than on media.