Do you meditate? Wanna Try?

My hubby has encouraged me to start meditating. He has noticed a big difference in his daily routine when he meditates. I took on the challenge. I have the haaaaaarrrrrddddeeeeessssstttttt time calming my mind. It seriously seems impossible to me. I wanted to share a little app that has been helpful for me.  It is called Calm. 

It is very helpful for someone like me who is sooo new at meditating. The app literally reads my thoughts. It is almost creepy. It walks you through a small seven day meditation. In one of the meditations it talks about how we all think we are the most productive if our days are packed full with no time to rest our minds and listen to our thoughts. This struck me. I am trying to make more effort to sit and listen to my thoughts and what my body is trying to tell me. It has been very empowering. 


  • Helps me sort out my priorities for that day.
  • More present with myself and my children.
  • listening more to inspiration for my children/family and myself.
  • Opens my mind up to be aware of more, I trust my thoughts because they come from a clear and grounded place. 
  • Communicating with my husband in a more productive way. 
  • More Patience.
  • Less anxious. 
  • I pay closer attention to what my body is trying to tell me physically and spiritually.
  • Deeper prayers and communication with God.-More balance in my body physically and spiritually.  
  • I become more successful at managing my emotions in a productive way.

Those are the things that stand out to me right now. I think as I keep practicing I will notice even more benefits.


Below is a powerful picture for me personally... I'll explain below.

photo by  Everyday  People Photo

photo by Everyday People Photo

This picture was snapped during our family pictures. We were trying to get at least one shot where both kids were cooperating. I was loosing my patience with Stella. She was just being a 3 year old and wanting to ride her bike. I remember taking a deep breath and reminding myself to be present and patient, then I had a chat with her that Rocky captured without me even knowing. When I was flipping through the edited pics for the first time, this one brought tears to my eyes. I know you are probably thinking, why? I am the least patient person. Becoming a mother has tried my patience in Every way. My Stella girl in very particular and needs everything done a certain way. It has challenged me to step back, calm down and listen to her needs. This picture to me represents the progress I have made as a mother.  Don't get me wrong, just this morning I should have handled a situation this way and didn't. I am not perfect and I'm not even striving to be perfect. I am striving to be a more patient parent who is present with my children while understanding their needs. When I reach my breaking point I have to take breaths and remind myself it is more important for her to felt heard.

That is exactly what meditating helps me with. It helps me manage my emotions and expands my patience. 

Try the app and please share your experience. I would love to hear it.