2016 intentions

Hello 2016, we are excited for you to party with us!  

pic taken at Inspiration Point in Corona Del Mar

pic taken at Inspiration Point in Corona Del Mar

We sure had a great year in 2015. The highlights were these two little toe heads. Watching them grow into their own and seeing them connect with each other is so heart warming for us as parents. I always want to find a pause button but for REAL please find me one! 

We have had so many good times this past year...

 Taking a chance and buying the motor home and all the adventures we took as a family.

Hendrix turning 1 and walking and now starting to talk.

Stella starting Preschool and loving dance with all her baby heart.

Jared has been slaving away with work. He uses the RV as his office and parks it down by the beach. (Hard life huh) He has been so patient dealing with the stresses of being a provider and a dad. He truly is amazing and I am so lucky that I talked him into doing this forever thing with me. 

As for me, I have loved being a stay at home mom so much and wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I am so lucky to have a spouse that allows me to do so. I am not going to lie, it hasn't been all peaches and cream in my head. Every once in a while Crazy Brianne wants to come out and play. lol

If I am being totally honest...  well, It is not easy to explain because lots of times it doesn't even make sense in my own head.

One second I feel like I have everything handled and I am killing it and I want 5 more kids. Then the next second I feel like I am literally drowning in the tasks and demands at hand. It has been a rollercoaster this year. Raising two littles that are two years apart has been constant. That is the best work I can think of to describe it. CONSTANT.

It has been amazing to go to bed every night feeling like I have done something great that day. I have felt very accomplished every single day. My kids are healthy and are alive:). 

Jared and I discuss often how great it feels to know that we are doing the most important thing we could be doing, raising our little's and loving them with everything we have inside of us.  

Stella and Hendrix have helped me feel more love and connection this year than I have ever felt in my life. They keep me grounded and remind me every day what truly matters in life. 

Now 2016 is here and I ask myself how can I be better than the mom/person/wife/friend that I was in 2015? (Well there are a billion things but I picked 2 attainable goals)

Here is what I have come up with...

BALANCE-  Obtaining balance is tough and I don't know if I will ever truly get there but, I will die trying. I believe I am a better mom/person/wife/friend when I feel balance in my life. Here are my areas of focus.




-Creative outlets


 If I keep all of these things in mind and in my heart and then let the Savior lead me. I know more Balance will be created within myself and I can share it with my family and others. 

PATINECE- I might just be the least patient person on planet earth. Have kids has really helped me in this area. Lets just say I do the whole, 4 breaths in 4 breaths out thing A LOT! I want to focus hard on this. I need to remain present in every situation. I am going to continue working very hard on being more Patient.

Meditation is something that has helped a lot. (I'll tell you all about it in another post)

Last but not least, I am really excited about my spiritual journey I have been on and will continue during 2016. I have had some great experiences in 2015 that have made me step back and trust me and the lord like never before. I have learned that it is our relationship between him and I that matters. I am excited for the light that will continue to shine down on me as I search things out more for myself. I feel very connected to Heaven in a way I never have before. I am very excited to see where my Spiritual journey/ awakening with my Savior by my side will lead me in 2016.

CHEERS TO 2016,  

Lets make it a great one!

XoXo/ Bree