The Vatican blew my mind!

I am still wishing I could just lay on my back for hours alone in there and really see it all. I could only take in so much in 30 mins. 

MOMMY TIP for all of you who might be taking your children to the Vatican. STROLLERS GO TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE!!! It was marvelous. I thought it sounded to good to be true but nope, we walked right in. 

We paid five Euros and Stella was given a treasure map. It was really cute for the kids. Stella was a little young for it but she still had fun with her remote that talked to her:). 

I was so blown away walking in the Sistine Chapel. It was so amazing seeing all the details to each of those paintings. It almost looked 3D to me. I loved the painting of the family of four all together. There are two diff paintings of them side by side. They switch clothing in the paintings and the children move around. I was fascinated by it wondering what the inspiration was behind it. 

Anyway, I am so happy I can cross that off my bucket list. It was awesome! Here are some pics from the fun day:)!