Valentines Day 2016

Jared surprised me and took us all on a gondola ride in Long Beach where he proposed 7 plus years ago. It was the sweetest thing ever. The kids loved it and I loved reliving it with our 2 additions:).

On the way to dinner Jared handed me his phone and played this for me...

My heart almost exploded... He took the time to make a sweet video about us:)!!! He does love me. LOL  I seriously scored with this one right here. He sure makes life pretty amazing for our little family. 

Dropped the kiddos off to Aaron and Ariane and went to a restaurant that we went to 5 years ago and LOVED. It is called THE LITTLE DOOR. It is in L.A. right near the Grove. The door is so little it is hidden away. You won't even notice it driving by. It reminds me of Alice and Wonderland. 

We sat at the exact same table as last time and had the most amazing night together. Thank you so much babe for such a RADTASTIC night. I LOVE YOU JARED JOSEPH JOHNSON!!!