Master Class/ judging in Vegas

I am so happy to be dancing again. It truly is part of me. Teaching this class was a very special experience for me. I appreciate my body and what it is capable of doing so much more after having babies. I never knew if my hip would sustain me dancing again. It is and I am dancing. 


Dont nt let that thing that is a part of you fall by the wayside. Stop questioning yourself and jump back in it. You won't regret it!!! 

Here is my  fav pics from the weekend. I met some lovely people and finally saw Celine:)!!!! I have been waiting for years. It is amazing how God puts people in your life to answer your prayers. Ashley and Melissa were those people for me. I will forever love you girls and I couldn't have picked a better crew to go to Celine with.  I also want to give a huge thank you to the WCDN staff that gave me this opportunity.