Adios Barcelona:(

Hi friends, 

Not sure if anyone ever reads my blog but I love that I have a little place where I can reflect and jot down things that are floating around in my head. I hope that something I say can help inspire someone else. 

I can't believe that our time in Barcelona is coming to an end. We are heartbroken about it honestly. It is quite ironic because we almost hated it when we first arrived. The first week we dealt with a lot of frustrations and road blocks. I literally was hit by an ambulance. lol It was funny. (watch our Vlog for more on that. We had some crazy people selling stuff at the beach smuggle who knows what under out blankets. Two seconds later a bunch of cops came down the hill. I was sure I was going to jail. lol That is just a few of the things that went down the first week. I literally wanted to leave so bad.

Now 4 weeks later I am so sad to leave. There are so many great lessons to be learned here. 

1. Give everything time

2. Open your mind up to other ways of doing things

3. Stay away from the ambulance haha

4. When things seem rough remember they really can be amazing, just give it a shot.

We have met some life long friends here. Be sure to follow them on inst @loveourjourney. They have four kids and they are traveling for 9 months through Europe. They are incredible people and a really good time too:). My kids love them probably more than me. lol We are so sad to be leaving them. 

I wanted to quickly just write a few things that I have learned out here...

MOTHERHOOD IS SUCH A GIFT... I knew this but I didn't KNOW this. This journey has sparked a love inside of me for motherhood. I find myself so excited everyday to explore with them and show them the great things the world has to offer them. I am lucky enough to be the person in their life to help shape how they view the world around them. It really is such a gift!

I have learned so much about myself. I know that everyone has their thing that makes them feel safe, content and happy. For me that is exploring and pushing myself to do things that scare me. Living big is part of me and I have found so much happiness deep down in my soul as I walk miles and miles a day seeing new incredible things. 

Good Friends really do make things a little better!

Worship is something that is so personal and I truly feel deep down in my soul that we were all meant to worship in different ways. A wise person once explained it to me like a language. We all have different avenues to our spiritual side. I have loved seeing the devotion and strength in people who don't speak my same language and live a completely different way of life. 

Focus on the people who truly love you for you and build you up and want you to succeed, give those people parts of you and guard yourself from those who want to only take. 

Try to loose track of the days and live in the moment. Stay up late if you feel like it, let your kids go to sleep and midnight if it works and create lasting memories while doing it.

Barcelona, we have loved you and we hope to come back soon and spend more time. Jared said the other day that this has been one of his favorite months ever! I would have to agree:). This truly has been an experience of a lifetime. 

Now bring on the rest of our journey...


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